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Our Story

In the early 2023, a consortium of prominent ceramic manufacturers in India delved into an exploration of building projects in the Middle East. Their investigation revealed a startling reality – they were securing less than 10% of the tile market share of projects segment, failing to meet the region’s demand.

Following a comprehensive year-long study, it became evident that, despite manufacturing products that adhered to European standards and upheld premium quality for export, the products reaching in regions projects were a mix of different standards within the same design there by downgrading the value of manufacturers of Indian-origin.

In an effort to rectify this issue and uplift the reputation, they engaged in brainstorming sessions, ultimately giving rise to the innovative brand “PROJECTILE.”

This exclusive brand, uniquely tailored for projects, comes with its own trademark and is exclusively produced for project purposes, remaining unavailable domestically in India. PROJECTILE premium products are meticulously crafted to meet project requirements, deliberately kept out of retail markets, and are not produced for stockpiling or reuse. The primary objective is to bridge the gap between manufacturing excellence and project delivery, thereby enhancing the global standing of Indian products.

With a daily production capacity of over 200,000 Square Meter spanning over 10 state of the art factories under Projectile Middle East, we determined to evolve as leading brand to serve prestigious projects across Middle East.

Project-Exclusive Focus

Distinctively, we exclusively undertake projects, ensuring that our focus is solely on delivering unparalleled services tailored to meet project requirements with precision.

Representing Pinnacle Craftsmanship

We proudly represent the top factories in India, partnering with esteemed manufacturers to deliver Ceramic & Porcelain tiles, Quartz slabs, and sanitary ware of the highest quality.

Tailored Production for Every Project

Our commitment extends to producing materials solely based on project requirements, ensuring that each item is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Eliminating Unhealthy Practices

We represent the factory and eliminate middlemen and unhealthy practices of mixing substandard product within projects by engaging directly with top manufacturers under projectile brand, ensuring transparency, and upholding the integrity of our products.

Exclusivity Beyond Retail

Projectile is exclusively available through us and not in retail or any other sources, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the exclusivity and uniqueness of our products within the project realm.

A New Era in Construction Flooring

Projectile Middle East is leading a groundbreaking transformation in the vibrant arena of construction flooring projects. This marks a departure from the conventional, a bold step towards redefining norms, and a commitment to guaranteeing that projects make a lasting impact. 

Shaping a Timeless Legacy of Excellence

Projectile Middle East is not just about projects; it’s about building a lasting legacy of excellence. Our commitment to quality knows no bounds, and our journey aims to leave a mark that goes beyond boundaries. By blending innovation, expertise, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we aim to set new standards that will last.



At Projectile Middle East, our mission is to redefine industry standards through a visionary pursuit of excellence. We are committed to fostering a culture of uniqueness, unwavering quality, and groundbreaking design. Our exclusive focus on projects sets us apart, allowing us to deliver unparalleled excellence in every endeavor.


Our visionary pursuit is to establish an unparalleled standard of excellence globally, driven by a commitment to uniqueness, uncompromising quality, innovative approaches, and a transformative design philosophy. We transcend ordinary boundaries, marketing exclusively to projects, where our unwavering commitment to quality and design sets a new benchmark, ensuring every product stands as a testament to our dedication.


Embark on a journey of design excellence where each creation encapsulates our commitment to uniqueness and charm. With a meticulous approach, every design is a masterpiece, a fusion of creativity and uncompromising quality that surpasses conventional standards.


In our creative endeavors, we embrace the ever-evolving landscape of trends, recognizing that what is groundbreaking today may evolve into timeless sophistication tomorrow. Our approach is unique, driven by a commitment to reaching beyond the ordinary, ensuring our offerings stand out with the utmost quality and design, exceeding industry standards to meet our vision of excellence.

Trusted Expertise

We know floors inside out! Our experienced team will guide you from choosing the right flooring to professional installation. Trust us for tailored advice that suits your needs.

Top-notch Quality

Quality is our priority. We pick the finest materials to ensure your floors not only look great but also last long. Expect visually stunning and durable flooring with us.

Limitless Choices

Your space is unique, and so are our flooring options. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, catering to both classic elegance and modern flair.

Exceptional Service

From the first meeting to the final touch, we are committed to your satisfaction. We strive to exceed your expectations, making your happiness our main goal.

Transform Your Space

Flooring isn't just functional; it's a design feature that transforms spaces. With us, you're getting more than floors – you're getting a catalyst for transformation.
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