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Wooden Tiles

Planning a home or office transformation is effortless with Projectile’s diverse tiling options. Opt for wooden floor tiles to experience flooring excellence and elevate your space’s interiors. No longer limited to corporate settings, textured wooden floor tiles are now favored by interior designers and customers, even in washrooms. Wood-look tiles create a rustic or farmhouse style, ideal for moisture-prone areas like washrooms or showers where real wooden tiles may not be suitable.

Projectile offers an exclusive collection of bathroom wooden tiles designed for high-moisture areas. Among various options, wood-look tiles, wooden finish tiles, and engineered wooden tiles from Projectile symbolize luxury and style. Stay ahead of trends with Projectile’s wide range of top wooden tiles featuring trendy finishes and textures, helping modernize your space with ease.

Textured wood-look tiles are gaining popularity for their appealing aesthetics, easy maintenance, and durability. Our extensive range includes wooden tiles with grain, loops, pigments, and patterns, meticulously designed to closely resemble natural wood. We prioritize realism and quality, offering wooden floor tiles in bold colors like blue and pink to support innovative designs.

Dark wood-look tiles, knotty wooden floor tiles, and lightly-grained wooden tiles are highly sought after for living areas to bathrooms. Projectile caters to innovation and trends by introducing bolder wooden tiles with whitewashed, painted-look, grey, and colorful effects for creative customers. We empower creativity by allowing customization in size and format, including chevrons, mosaics, and oversized large-format and wide-width tiles, turning creative visions into reality.

The popular sizes available in wooden tiles are 200x1400mm, 200x1000mm, and 150x900mm.

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